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o2o Studio meets the needs of manufacturing images for 2D or 3D projects.
We take care of all or part of the stages of a film from storyboarding to compositing.


Welcome to the world of Millie, a cow like no one has never seen before. Millie is the main character of the comic books by Alexander Steffensmeier..
With the support of Fabrique D'Images and WunderWerk.
o2o Studio benefits from the tax credit for the production of stranger films in France.
3D serie (52x7) Modeling / Texturing / Rigging / Layout / Animation

o2o studio thanks Saint-Malo Agglomération team who supports our project from the begining,
and hosts our studio in business incubator l'Odyssée, in Atalante Park and also Brittany Region .

We wish to thank Rennes Atalante Technopole who follows and supports our project from the begining.

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Who are we ?

o2o Studio, hits the ground running on november 2015 by working with director Thierry Garance, making animations for « Les Pandas dans la brume » by Tignous. Later, the studio worked on several projects, « Les Récits Fondateurs » (Annecy festival 2017 selection), « Polo 2 » and « Petit Ours Brun (Little Brown Bear) » (Rennes Festival 2018 selection) for Bayard Jeunesse Animation producer, followed by « Petit Poilu » for Dupuis Audiovisuel producer. We also realised « What a circus » teaser for Label'nim. We are currently working on the music for feature movie « Bayala », for Fabrique d’Images. Our team is now working on a new 3D serie called « Millie ». o2o Studio represents twenty artists, working every day at our studio based in Saint-Malo, Brittany. Our team is still growing and after two years colaborating together, a great complicity is developping. It allows us to meet the quality requirements of the projects we are working on. o2o Studio is now in discussion about very nice 2D and 3D projects.


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Parc d'activités Atalante
7, allée Métis Pépinière Odyssée B
Bretagne - France

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